Let’s be REAL!  Can I be REAL with you?

In today’s society, people tend to be so negative and miserable.  I hate this and I hate that… and all I can ever think is Why?  And yes, we go through things in life, yes, we go through obstacles, yes, we will get down at that moment… However, it is really important that we don’t stay down too long.  Your spirit is everything.  I am not going to lie to you, I have my seasons.  There are seasons I have to push harder just to make sure that I am not dwelling in misery.  I have to pray harder.  I have to seek God more.  My relationship with God is what keeps me above water.   But, that’s me and I am just the rare breed that LOVES to find the brighter side out of everything. 

On top of it all, we compare ourselves to everyone’s filter on social media.  YUP!  You know Fakebook, InstaFake, Fakenger… haha…

Anyway, so let’s be REAL…  With all that surrounds us on social media, sometimes it gets a little extra difficult to have a positive Mindset.  Why?  Because it looks like someone is racing at a faster pace than you are in life, because someone got married before you did, because someone had children before you did, or they received their dream job and you are still working somewhere you hate.  REMEMBER, do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle OR your real life to someone else’s controlled online content.

We are going to throw all of this out of the window… yes you heard me… Trash it…  It isn’t about what someone else is doing or because their filter on social media looks better, or because they just bought this lavish house…  or expensive car…  Sometimes… it is not even REAL… and sometimes it is just a massive debt hiding behind their highlight reel, so don’t compare your behind the scenes to it.

And what I want you to focus on is YOU. IT IS ABOUT YOU! 

ARE YOU BETTER THAN WHO YOU WERE YESTERDAY!?  ARE YOU?  Are you working on yourself?  Are you a step ahead compared to yesterday?  Because the only competition you are competing against is YOU!   The only competition you should care about is YOU!  Are you asking yourself or saying the right things?  How is your mindset?  And if your mindset isn’t right, are you ready to shift it?

What I mean by that is instead of saying

“I can’t do this,” you should be saying, “What am I going to do to make it happen?” 

Instead of saying,

“I don’t have enough money to start,” you should be saying “What can I sell to make extra cash, so I can start?” 

Do you see the difference?  Do you see the language that needs to be changed?  

I am praying so. 

It is time…time to change your mindset if it is not where it needs to be…

Change your thoughts… AFFIRM and Believe!

Change your circle. If they aren’t uplifting you then they aren’t good for you.

Only Speak LIFE… 

Watch my Video below on Fixed & Growth Mindset!