About Me

Hi, I'm JESSICA "Jay" Narvaez
And Here's My Story




Who is Jay?  I am Jay Narvaez.  I am a daughter of the Almighty King, a wife to an Incredible Man, a Mother of 3 Beautiful Children.  I am Optimism, Love, and Faith.  

I am the Live Life Financial Coach & Educator.  My husband and I started our financial journey in 2017.  We had 9 maxed out credit cards, a car lease, medical debt, and student loans.  We were tired of living paycheck to paycheck and allowing money to take control.  The lack of financial literacy was detriment to our lifestyle, so we made the some radical decisions to turn things around.  In 4 years, we paid off 54k in debt and saved 50k to pay cash for a car, down payment for a home, and more.  This lack of education is a major issue.  I started a Youtube channel to educate other people while my husband and I are still on our journey.  I believe the most important part is to create plan to still LIVE LIFE.


Latina from Low Income Community

No Financial Literacy, Budget and Financial Goals

Money Saved for a Wedding, went to burying one of our micro preemie twins

Expenses Exceed Income

Stay at home Mom

9 Credit Cards, medical debt, car lease and student loans = 15 debts


Paid off $54K in debt and saved $40K to pay cash for a car and down payment on a home within 4 years!

Building an Emergency Fund

Creating Generational Wealth

Financial Coaching one family at a time

ONE debt life

Financially Comfortable